Hi there ✧*

I go by Mirai (or miraiscupoftea on socials), and I’m your self-proclaimed otoge oneesan, ready to guide you through the labyrinth of otome games 🐇

I started a blog (initially called Innocent Wind) to share walkthroughs, in the hopes of guiding more people toward their favourite routes and endings. I always play blind and am a crazy completionist, so I’ll max out the save slots, re-load more often than I can count and try out all of the choices…so you don’t have to (^.~)☆

My blog may be called Otome Labyrinth, but I’d like to cover a broader spectrum of joseimuke media at some point, which is where most of my interests lie. I juggle too many gacha games, collect merch, can talk about seiyuu for hours, read and watch lots of manga & anime, and enjoy listening to drama CDs, character songs and 2D idol music. I’d love to use this space to share more of my hobbies with you ♡

On X (twitter), you’ll often find me rambling about my—questionable to some I’m sure—taste in love interests and other good-looking 2D boys. But I also use Instagram to share things from my collection (for my up-to-date otome game collection, go here). I’m always happy to meet more like-minded people, so feel free to reach out so we can fangirl (or fanboy!) together ✨

Finally, just a little disclaimer: anything I post that isn’t a walkthrough will be riddled with my own opinion on things. I don’t ever mean any harm and am a firm believer that everyone’s taste is valid, even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on some things. It’d be boring if we all had a shrine for the same love interest, right? ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

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