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Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for Amnesia: Memories.

The game has a total of 26 endings to acquire:

🌹 4 endings for Shin
🌹 5 endings for Ikki
🌹 4 endings for Kent
🌹 4 endings for Toma
🌹 9 endings for Ukyo

The official recommended play order is as follows:

Shin > Ikki > Kent > Toma > Ukyo

Only Ukyo’s route is locked at the start, and you have to reach the good endings for the other four love interests to unlock it. This does mean you can play the other four routes in whichever order you like, and it wouldn’t impact your experience of the game too much. None of the routes contain major spoilers, but the recommended play order is pretty spot on in my opinion.

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