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Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for Tengoku Struggle -strayside- (official Japanese website | Nintendo Switch product page).

The game has a total of 10 endings to acquire:

⛩️ 2 endings for Yona Murakami
⛩️ 2 endings for Sharaku Toushuusai
⛩️ 2 endings for Kikunosuke Uga
⛩️ 2 endings for JacK
⛩️ 2 endings in Goemon Ishikawa

My recommended play order is as follows:

Kikunosuke > Yona > Sharaku > JacK > Goemon

At the start of the game, only Yona, Sharaku and Kikunosuke’s routes are available. While I have made a soft recommendation, I personally think you can play these three in any order you like. They’re not all that spoiler-heavy. Once you’ve completed the first three routes, JacK’s route will unlock. Goemon’s route is locked until the end and will only unlock after clearing JacK’s route.

Some last notes before you dive in:

  • The ZERO • FIRST stages (i.e. the common route) don’t include any choices, so they can be skipped from your second playthrough onwards.
  • Each character’s bad ending unlocks an EXTRA scenario, which includes a CG.
  • The last CG for each love interest can be found in HARI’S ARCHIVE > MEMORY, but I’ll also list this in the individual walkthroughs ( ´ ꒳ ` )

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