Tengoku Struggle -strayside- walkthrough: Kikunosuke Uga

Tengoku Struggle Kikunosuke banner

CV: Saitō Sōma

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Now I can play as many games as I want! I’m heading out to the arcade for a bit!

Happy ending: The Loyal Wolf Prince

ZERO • FIRST (common route)

(No choices in these chapters)

The common route can be skipped from your second playthrough onwards. To get to character route selection:

STAGE SELECT > FIRST-07 > Skip to next selection or unread text > Kikunosuke Uga


01: Have Bad Manners Late at Night

Let’s see how it goes 
I feel the same way

02: Color of Tears 

I want to do something 
Everyone needs time to enjoy themselves 

03: His First Friend 

They’re siblings
That’s true

04: The Border between Comrades and Friends

I also had fun
I’ll talk to Kamuro

05: The Prince’s Type

You tell me first

06: Resolve of a Man

I think he understood what you wanted to do

07: She’s Like an Iced Royal Milk Tea

I was wondering what you looked like

08: Primal Instinct

(No choices in this chapter)

09: Siblings 

(No choices in this chapter)

10: Regret and Ice Cream


I don’t think he’s the kind of person who would think that

11: The Prince and the Princess

(No choices in this chapter)

12: The Prince Wants to Satisfy Her

(No choices in this chapter)

Bad ending: Friends Together


I’m worried about him

11: The Prince and the Princess

(No choices in this chapter)

⇒ This ending unlocks KIKUNOSUKE-EXTRA: I’m Her Prince

Kikunosuke’s final CG can be found in HARI’S ARCHIVE > MEMORY > KIKUNOSUKE-02

Banner image: Tengoku Struggle -strayside- | IDEA FACTORY / DESIGN FACTORY

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