Tengoku Struggle -strayside- walkthrough: Yona Murakami

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CV: Suzuki Ryōta

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You’re a million years early if you think you can order us around when all you’ve got is a provisional license.

Happy ending: It All Starts Now

ZERO • FIRST (common route)

(No choices in these chapters)

The common route can be skipped from your second playthrough onwards. To get to character route selection:

STAGE SELECT > FIRST-07 > Skip to next selection or unread text > Yona Murakami


01: Shaking Hands with a Demon at the Blood Pool

You’re talking about the lingering desires?
I was just saying hi

02: The Reckless Man

I’d like your opinion on something
Are you not on board with this?

03: Refusing the Cup of Sake

I don’t think he was being discriminating

04: Empty Pride

Why don’t we do this another day?

05: A Shard of Glass over His Shoulder

You’re getting a pay cut

06: Hassaku and Sweet Mochi 

Let’s go together
You should eat them

07: This Love Is the Color of the Sea

(No choices in this chapter)

08: A Battle between Father and Daughter

(No choices in this chapter)

09: An Intangible Act

Are you okay with that?
What should I talk about then?

10: A Rain Called Desire


It’s nothing to be embarrassed about

11: An Elegy for Those Who Passed On

(No choices in this chapter)

12: A Sea-Colored Rose

(No choices in this chapter)

Bad ending: To Where the Water Reaches


I’m always on your side 

11: An Elegy for Those Who Passed On

(No choices in this chapter)

⇒ This ending unlocks YONA-EXTRA: Hassaku Sandwiches and You

Yona’s final CG can be found in HARI’S ARCHIVE > MEMORY > YONA-02

Banner image: Tengoku Struggle -strayside- | IDEA FACTORY / DESIGN FACTORY

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