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Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark-.

For each character route, the game is split into a Romance part and a Lovers part. Each part has two endings: a happy and a normal ending in the Romance half of the route, and a happy and bad ending in the Lovers half. In total, there are 16 endings to acquire:

🦇 4 endings for Shiba
🦇 4 endings for Nagi
🦇 4 endings for Ray
🦇 4 endings for Natsume

There are no real spoilers in any of the routes that would impact your enjoyment of another route. None of the routes are locked from the start either, so you can just pick whoever you want first. But based on general storylines and themes…

…my recommended play order would be as follows:

Shiba → Nagi → Ray → Natsume

But really, it’s totally up to how you want to enjoy this dark fantasy game!

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  1. Nahho says:

    Oh, I had been playing Ephemeral for a while without a guide, I did Ray and Nagi’s route (I especially liked Ray ^^) and I was very happy when I opened the page and saw the walkthrough! (I forgot to comment before 😅) I will use it to make the route for Shiba and Natsume!

    1. Aw thanks! Glad they can be of use ☺️ I can see why people like Ray, he’s not really my type but I still liked his route, it was quite romantic at the end. Hope you like the other routes as well 💜

      1. Nahho says:

        Normally he wouldn’t be my type either, but as time went on I really started to like him a lot! And the ending was very beautiful too ^^
        Thanks, I am especially looking forward to the Natsume route 🤍

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