Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- walkthrough: Ray (CV: Okitsu Kazayuki)

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I’m in a lousy mood. Come, I require some of your blood.

🦇 How to use this guide 🦇
To get the happy endings, select the choices marked with ♡, they will raise your affection level. For the normal and bad endings, choose the other options. The Lovers part only unlocks after getting the happy ending in the Romance part.

Romance part

Happy ending: Love and Affection
Normal ending: A Flicker of a Dream

Episode 1: What is This Feeling

No way!
Why should I? (♡)

Episode 2: A Troublesome Body

Give up.
Call Ray. (♡)

Episode 3: An Unexpected Kindness

You’re my supporter. (♡)
I want you to teach me.

Episode 4: Beautiful Things

Am I just a tool to you? (♡)
Can you use me like a tool too?

Episode 5: Confusion

It’s nothing really.
I don’t really know. (♡)

Episode 6: The Desire to Have It All

Push him away.
Stay in his arms. (♡)

Episode 7: Blossoming Love

Keep quiet and just watch. (♡)
Call out to them.

Episode 8: Misunderstandings

I don’t care about those kinds of things.
I really don’t want to hear that right now. (♡)

Episode 9: Incurable

I like him. (♡)
It’s none of your business.

Episode 10: Cruel Kindness

End things before they go further.
Keep my thoughts to myself (♡)

Lovers part

Happy ending: Eternal Vow
Bad ending: Accomplice

Episode 1: The New Girl

No, nothing in particular.
Is she your type? (♡)

Episode 2: Being Ray’s Lover

I hate you, Ray!
Don’t come near Ray! (♡)

Episode 3: An Extraordinary Existence

Do you like Ray? (♡)
So the school itself isn’t the reason?

Episode 4: The Other Side of Me

Don’t worry Ray, I won’t do things like that anymore. (♡)
Why don’t you have a try, Ray?

Episode 5: Truthfully

Do you love me? (♡)
What do you think of me?

Episode 6: Idée Fixe

Don’t hate me. (♡)
I don’t want to break up.

Episode 7: Just Like Magic

Do you have a hairdresser license?
You’ve done it for other girls before? (♡)

Episode 8: World of Darkness

You really do love Ray a lot.
What matter? (♡)

Episode 9: Songs of Solace

How did you find out? (♡)
I don’t believe it.

Episode 10: Evanescence

Are you planning on using that power on me?
Did you use that power on me? (♡)

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