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Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for Cupid Parasite (official website | Nintendo Switch product page).

The game has a total of 26 endings to acquire:

πŸ’˜ 3 common route endings (found in Allan’s walkthrough)
πŸ’˜ 4 endings for Gill Lovecraft
πŸ’˜ 5 endings for Shelby Snail
πŸ’˜ 4 endings for Raul Aconite
πŸ’˜ 5 endings for Ryuki F. Keisaiin
πŸ’˜ 4 endings for Allan Melville
πŸ’˜ 1 ending for the secret route (also in Allan’s walkthrough)

My recommended play order is as follows:

Shelby | Ryuki > Gill > Raul > Allan > Secret

At the start of the game, Raul and Allan’s routes are locked. To unlock them, you only need to clear one of the other routes (Gill, Shelby or Ryuki). For most games, I’d say you can play in whichever order you like (especially when the love interest you’re eyeing up the most is recommended as one of the last routes!), but here I would absolutely suggest you play Allan last. Well, before the Secret route anyway. But as always, the choice is yours β˜†

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