Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for Nightshade / 百花百狼 (also known as Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpouchou~).

For more information on the game, visit the official website or the Steam Store page.

Every route is available from the beginning of the game (no need to unlock anything), but some routes are a bit more spoiler-heavy than others.

My recommended play order is as follows:

Goemon → Hanzō → Chōjirō → Kuroyuki → Gekkamaru

Banner image: Nightshade / 百花百狼 (Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpouchou~) | Red Entertainment & D3 Publisher


  1. Ece Karakas says:

    Thanks a lot!

    1. No problem! Glad the guides come in handy 🙂

      1. Ece Karakas says:

        I get traumatized by bad endings, so I’d like to refrain from getting them. Your guides save my life all the time. XD I’m currently playing 7’scarlet and here I am, in your blog again, hehehe.

        1. Ahh, I’m happy they can help you in that way! I’m a bit of a fan of tragic endings, but if you’re trying to avoid them, guides are handy. Hehe, hope you enjoy 7’sCarlet!

          1. Ece Karakas says:

            Yes, they sure are handy~Thanks! :3

  2. brand new to game, I see i can p ly start with prolonged is yhT normal start for a new player

    1. Hi, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “start with prolonged”? 🙈

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