Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for Steam Prison.

The game has a total of 33 endings to acquire:

⚙️ 5 endings for Eltcreed Valentine
⚙️ 5 endings for Ulrik Ferrie
⚙️ 5 endings for Adage
⚙️ 5 endings for Ines Heinrich Heine
⚙️ 6 endings for Yune Sekiei
⚙️ 4 “other” endings, including the Grand ending
⚙️ 3 endings for Fin Euclase (on Switch this is part of the game, on Steam it’s separate DLC)

The Grand ending, Yune’s route and Fin’s route are locked at the start of the game. Yune’s route can be played after completing Ulrik’s “Ferrie” ending, but it’s best to leave it until you’ve done all of Eltcreed, Ulrik, Adage and Ines’ endings. Fin’s route unlocks after completing Yune’s, which is a great time to play it. Get some well-deserved closure before heading into the Grand ending (¯▿¯)

My recommended play order is as follows:

Eltcreed → Ulrik → Adage → Ines → Yune → Fin → Grand ending

Interestingly, some of the endings for a character can be hidden in someone else’s route. The endings are included in the walkthrough where they make sense from a save file perspective. You’ll find appropriate links in the character’s walkthroughs to ensure you can get all endings.

(Some of the endings that fall under “Other” in the Steam version, are now categorised as Fin’s in the Switch version. I haven’t gotten round yet to updating my individual guides to reflect the differences between the two versions of the game, so if you’re missing some of Fin’s endings, have a look at the “Other” walkthrough. Sorry about that and thanks for your patience! (*_ _)人 )

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  1. pulchracaede says:

    hii, thank u for these guides >< i wish I found them I sooner though^;;

    also, I wanted to hop on to ask what happens if I delete these type of games? Will I have to start over and lose all the progress or cg?
    I am wondering cause I finished all the routes, and well, I am afraid of deleting the game since I am not sure if when I decide to re-install it, everything will be gone.

    sorry this is so long ;-;

    1. Hi, you’re welcome! Hope they were of some use still, even if you found them late!

      It depends on the game really, you can always be extra careful and copy the save files on your pc to another location before uninstalling (right clicking the game in Steam should give you an option to view the files on your machine).

      A lot of games use Steam Cloud these days though, so your progress is saved linked to your account, not your machine. Which is the case for Steam Prison; I bought a new laptop and redownloaded the game, and I still had all my progress and CGs. Hope that helps! 💜

      1. pulchracaede says:

        Oh I see! Thank you ^^

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