Steam Prison walkthrough: Ulrik Ferrie (CV: Takatsuka Tomohito)

I don’t want to just be protected all the time.

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character, ↓ means affection down.

My Own Story ending

Common route

It doesn’t seem like your first few choices matter, but this is what I chose:

Retrieve bag
Of course it is.
Go through first
What about you, Fin?
Are you sure that’s okay?

This is where your choices start to change your route and affection ratings:

How curious (♡ Eltcreed)
Thank you (♡ Ulrik)
Ask for details
I’m fine (♡ Ulrik)
Say I remember (♡ Eltcreed)
I’m uneasy (♡ Ulrik)
Thank you (♡ Ulrik)
Of course (♡ Eltcreed)

Bodyguard route

I want pants (↓ Eltcreed)
Nicely done
Thank you, but no (↓ Eltcreed)
I’ll bring some water (↓ Eltcreed)
He’s just my boss

Ulrik route

A job is a job (♡ Ulrik)
Life is harsh (♡ Ulrik)
So you want me to watch him die? (♡ Ulrik)
We aren’t (♡ Ulrik)
I expect nothing less (♡ Ulrik)
Does that also make him attractive? (♡ Ulrik)
Thank you for saving me (♡ Ulrik)

Good morning (♡ Ulrik)

Wing it
About you (♡ Ulrik)
Glad I managed to lie (♡ Ulrik)

We can go somewhere that you like (♡ Ulrik)
Thank you (♡ Ulrik)
He will come back (♡ Ulrik)

Words Unspoken ending

What are you doing here? (↓ Ulrik)
Wing it
About the Heights (↓ Ulrik)
Glad I could be useful (↓ Ulrik)
Don’t force yourself (↓ Ulrik)
I can’t take it (↓ Ulrik)

The Final Page ending

Tell the truth

“Ferrie” ending

Don’t force yourself (↓ Ulrik)
I can’t take it (↓ Ulrik)
I want to escape (↓ Ulrik)

One-Winged Bird ending (Eltcreed)

I’m happy (♡ Eltcreed)
Was it right to let him go? (♡ Eltcreed)
Thank you (♡ Eltcreed)
Of course not (♡ Eltcreed)
He’s just my boss

Ulrik route

You’re more of a child than I am (↓ Ulrik)
Poor man (↓ Ulrik)
I want to help anyway (↓ Ulrik)
I hate him (↓ Ulrik)
I don’t think I can do that (↓ Ulrik)
How rude (↓ Ulrik)
It damn well should’ve (↓ Ulrik)
What are you doing here? (↓ Ulrik)
Tell the truth

Goodbye, My Knight ending

This ending is found in Eltcreed’s route.

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