Here you can find links to all of the walkthroughs for 7’sCarlet.

This game is quite linear and won’t give you much choice in terms of route order. At the start, you can only choose Hino or Isora, and from there on you’re pretty much playing in a fixed order. Don’t despair however, you wouldn’t want to find out the truth behind all the mysteries in your first route! The game is wonderfully mysterious and well-paced, so enjoy the mystery to the fullest~!

My recommended play order is:

Hino → Isora → Toa → Sosuke → Yuzuki → true ending, extended endings & the secret route (Finale)

Banner image: 7’sCarlet | IDEA FACTORY / DESIGN FACTORY


  1. Ece Karakas says:

    Thank you~ It was a huge help again! :3

    1. Yay! Glad they were useful 💜

  2. Yakurei says:

    Thank uuuu! I’m playing it on a PC and couldn’t find the save and skip buttons anywhere, do u know happen to know where they r 😭😭

    1. Oh no, that sounds like a pain! I played it on Vita so I can’t be 100% sure on this… But from a quick browse on the Steam forums, skip might be on F2 and C opens the menu which would allow you to save? Which seems like an unusual button choice 🤔 I usually check the function buttons first and if all else fails just press every other key to see what they do 🙈

      1. Yakurei says:

        That worked!! Thank u!!!

        1. Yay! Have fun! 💜

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