Steam Prison walkthrough: Eltcreed Valentine (CV: Shirai Yūsuke)

Once I desire something, I will do whatever it takes to get it. Power, honour—and you……even you.

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character, ↓ means affection down.

My Queen ending

Common route

It doesn’t seem like your first few choices matter, but this is what I chose:

Retrieve bag
Of course it is.
Go through first
What about you, Fin?
Are you sure that’s okay?

This is where your choices start to change your route and affection ratings:

How curious (♡ Eltcreed)
Thank you (♡ Ulrik)
Ask for details
I’m fine (♡ Ulrik)
Say I remember (♡ Eltcreed)
Very well (♡ Eltcreed)
Thank you (♡ Ulrik)
Of course (♡ Eltcreed)

Bodyguard route

I’m happy (♡ Eltcreed)
Was it right to let him go? (♡ Eltcreed)
Thank you (♡ Eltcreed)
Of course not (♡ Eltcreed)
I want to know more about him

Eltcreed route

Say his name (♡ Eltcreed)
This is my job (♡ Eltcreed)
Got it (♡ Eltcreed)
I did (♡ Eltcreed)
I can accept it (♡ Eltcreed)
I’m his girlfriend (♡ Eltcreed)
Got it (♡ Eltcreed)

I want to rescue him (♡ Eltcreed)
I want to eat something nice (♡ Eltcreed)
Don’t rush it (♡ Eltcreed)

Ask Ulrik
Walk a little with Ulrik (♡ Eltcreed)

The Place I Must Return To ending (Other)

Find Fin yourself

The Lasting Future ending

Poor man… (↓ Eltcreed)
Please, I don’t want to be a burden (↓ Eltcreed)
You can’t change the past (↓ Eltcreed)
Ask Ulrik
What were you talking about? (↓ Eltcreed)
I know how to do it (♡ Eltcreed)

Kill him with sword
I will be your knight and protect you (♡ Eltcreed)

Sweet Recompense ending

I can’t kill you
We should escape (↓ Eltcreed)

Fly In The Far Sky ending

I can’t move (↓ Eltcreed)
Are you meeting a woman? (↓ Eltcreed)
I’m your bodyguard (↓ Eltcreed)
As someone I protect (↓ Eltcreed)
I’m going back (↓ Eltcreed)
We hardly know each other (↓ Eltcreed)
I want to go with you (↓ Eltcreed)

I can’t believe it
Thank you very much
That’s unlike you
Ask Ulrik
I will leave
I look forward to that
Strangle him
We will be together until the end

Goodbye, My Knight ending (Ulrik)

Poor man… (↓ Eltcreed)
Please, I don’t want to be a burden (↓ Eltcreed)
You can’t change the past (↓ Eltcreed)
Ask Ulrik
What were you talking about? (↓ Eltcreed)
I’m afraid (↓ Eltcreed)
Kill him with sword

One-Winged Bird ending

This ending is found in Ulrik’s route.

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  1. Hi! I think the ‘FLY IN THE FAR SKY ENDING’ is wrong ): I made the exact same choices two times and I got the GOODBYE, MY KNIGHT ENDING

    Even tho, thank you for the walkthrough <3

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I just checked it again, and it does work for me…
      I started a new game, from the common route, through the bodyguard route and then Elt’s route following the same choices in “Fly In The Far Sky”. And I got the right ending. Not sure what’s happening.

      There are several ways to get to that ending, I only wrote down the way I did it to try and maximise save files. But if you’re struggling with that one, the key is to get Elt’s affection rating down as low as possible, but it can’t be nothing. With the choices I listed, I have just one choice worth of affection (a tiny little bit). Annoyingly, I can’t post a screenshot in the comments to show you what my affection ratings look like 🙁 You could try re-starting the bodyguard route and just pick 1 or 2 Eltcreed “affection up” choices, and then neutral ones for the rest of the route, keeping an eye on your affection ratings in the status screen.

      I hope that helps a bit, sorry I can’t replicate the issue you’re having…. (。>ω<。)

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