Steam Prison walkthrough: Ines Heinrich Heine (CV: Kimishima Tetsu)

Carrying the weight of the suffering of everyone around you isn’t something you need to do.

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character, ↓ means affection down.

“HOUNDS” ending

Common route

It doesn’t seem like your first few choices matter, but this is what I chose:

Catch man
Is that the truth?
Suggest going together
That I have to be stronger
I couldn’t ask for that

This is where your choices start to change your route and affection ratings:

He didn’t look like that to me
That’s a bit suspicious…
Turn down after all

Prisoner route

Thank you very much (♡ Adage)
Yes, it is (♡ Ines)
I want to lay low
I will do better next time (♡ Ines)
That was the right decision (♡ Adage)

Ines route

I would be glad to (♡ Ines)
I had a pleasant time (♡ Ines)
It’s good that we met on the street (♡ Ines)

Thank you (♡ Ines)
It is delicious, after all (♡ Ines)
I will work hard (♡ Ines)
I think he’s fun (♡ Ines)
Thank you very much (♡ Ines)
It was bad regardless (♡ Ines)
I regret nothing (♡ Ines)
It’s unforgivable (♡ Ines)

Trust Sir Ines

I wish we had met before (♡ Ines)
I’ll go to sleep (♡ Ines)
Good idea (♡ Ines)
I understand how you feel (♡ Ines)
Lives in a different world (♡ Ines)
Let me have your back (♡ Ines)
Don’t let go of hope (♡ Ines)

The Fangs of a Hound ending

Maybe something went wrong

Both choices have the same result; the events just unfold slightly differently:

  • Call out Fin’s name
  • Try to block

Cold Blood ending

Your old life sounds fun (↓ Ines)
I can’t sleep yet (↓ Ines)
I’ll show you the way (↓ Ines)
You’re being weird (↓ Ines)
I don’t know him well (↓ Ines)

Always Faithful ending

I liked what you told me
I’m too worried
I want to go with you
This is kind of cute
Is a well-meaning man
I will take point
Look at Sir Ines

Follow Me ending (Adage)

This makes me nervous (↓ Ines)
That’s so unexpected (↓ Ines)
It will tire me out (↓ Ines)
I think he’s funny (↓ Ines)
Of course it is (↓ Ines)
He’s being deceived (↓ Ines)

“Roselite” ending

This ending is found in Adage’s route.

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