Steam Prison walkthrough: Fin Euclase (CV: Shingaki Tarusuke)

I’m on your side. No matter what anyone says, I believe in you.

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection, ↓ means affection down.

(Another note: I’ve only played the Steam version and am waiting for my physical Switch copy to arrive. On Steam, Fin’s route was separate DLC so there weren’t any prerequisites to unlock his route. However, it seems his route may be locked at the start in the Switch port. Until I can verify what unlocks it, if you don’t get the option to start his route, you may have to play the other characters’ routes first. Will update soon!)

I Love You ending

Common route

It doesn’t seem like your first few choices matter, but this is what I chose:

Catch man
Of course it is.
Suggest going together
What about you, Fin?

This is the choice to start Fin’s route, the other option will end the DLC:

Consider it

I’m sorry I didn’t understand how you felt (♡ Fin)

Warder route: Fin

I missed you. (♡ Fin)
All right (♡ Fin)
Just a little longer (♡ Fin)
I’m rooting for you (♡ Fin)
This takes me back (♡ Fin)

My heart is fluttering (♡ Fin)
(♡ Fin)

I treasure him (♡ Fin)

Together Till The End ending

It reminds me of my father (↓ Fin)
Good colleagues (↓ Fin)
None of your business (↓ Fin)

Dying Voice ending

None of your business (↓ Fin)

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