Piofiore: Fated Memories walkthrough: Nicola Francesca (CV: Kimura Ryōhei)

Don’t put too much faith in me. I am, after all, a criminal.

Best end

Common route

Prologue 01 – Day 1

Good morning.
Everyone is blessed. (2nd playthrough onwards)
I think they had a reason to leave. (2nd playthrough onwards)
(Thank him.)
(Ask for God’s blessing tomorrow.)

Prologue 02 – Day 2

I do think he’s a nice person, but…
…Praying earnestly. (2nd playthrough onwards)
Just keep smiling.
(Leave him be.) (2nd playthrough onwards)
We’re in this together.

Nicola’s route

Chapter 01 – Antipasto

Please save Elena.
I can’t answer that.
Was it the Lao-Shu?
You seem powerful.

Chapter 02 – Primo piatto

I’m sure you’ll like it.
I’m here of my own will.
It doesn’t.
I’m not scared.
For Dante.

Chapter 03 – Saporito

Rules are important.
You’ve been through a lot.

Stay put.

Chapter 04 – Secondo piatto

You’re kind.
Nicola, I…

Chapter 05 – Amaro

Why are you talking to me again?

I want to hear more.
It’ll be dangerous.
I want to stay with the Visconti.

Chapter 06 – Contorno

Give him my name.
Don’t kill him.
I don’t need to be saved.
I thought you would be shot.

Chapter 07 – Aspro

I’ll stay with Nicola.
Why aren’t you denying what I said?

Chapter 08 – Dolce

I’ll go.

Good end

I can’t make that call.
Do you want to become boss?

Chapter 08 – Salato

I’ll go.

Bad end

Let’s talk about something else.
It’ll be awkward.
(I should be careful with what I say…)

Chapter 06 – Contorno

Stay silent.

What are you saying?
I saw what was going to happen.

Chapter 07 – Insipido

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 08 – Digestivo

(No choices in this chapter)

Game over 1

Try to escape.

Game over 2

I won’t go.

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  1. Thank you for your big efford!!
    I’m playing now this game for first time and it’s too interesting. I used your walkthrought to view all of Nicola’s endings and I have to say that you have done a great job with this walkthrought.
    Next… I can’t wait to see Yang’s endings, jeje.

    1. Aww thanks! I’m glad to hear you’re finding the guide useful! ☺️ It’s such a good game, I got absolutely hooked (I also did Nicola’s route first hehe). Oooh Yang next, daring 😉 Hope you enjoy!

      1. Well, you recomended that play order, so I’m following your recomendation ;). I don’t like very much Yang but I hope that playing his route and watch his endings changes a bit my opinion.

        I played his route and I’ve seen the first bad ending (GAME OVER 1), now I know why I’m daring, hahahahaha.

        Note: Sorry if my english is not very correct, but this is the first time in years that I whrite in english -_-.

        1. Ahaaha, yeah Yang’s endings aren’t always the prettiest 😅 But I quite liked him, very different from the usual otome love interests!
          Oh don’t worry about it! Your English is perfectly understandable ☺️

  2. What affinity level gets the best, normal and bad endings?

    1. Hi! From memory (it’s been a while since I played this game), to get the best ending you need to max (or at least get very close to maxing) the affinity (the flowers on the status screen) and make sure you have no stains or only one light stain (this marks your attribute, basically how appealing the MC is to the love interest, in Nicola’s case it’s got to do with Honesty).

      Lots of stains (low attribute) usually show you’re on track for a bad ending (or a game over if you’re unlucky, but those are usually just picking the wrong option).

      The good endings are something in between, like mid-affinity and not so much staining that you get a bad ending.

      I know that’s not a clear-cut answer, but it very much depends on the route in Piofiore and can take a bit of trial and error if you’re playing without following a guide. Hope it helps a little 😊

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