Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- walkthrough: Natsume (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

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If you promise to be a good girl, I’ll play with you later.

🦇 How to use this guide 🦇
To get the happy endings, select the choices marked with ♡, they will raise your affection level. For the normal and bad endings, choose the other options. The Lovers part only unlocks after getting the happy ending in the Romance part.

Romance part

Happy ending: Eternal Love
Normal ending: Reborn

Episode 1: Uncooperative Partner

I thought I should apologize because you just seemed angry.
I thought I upset you. (♡)

Episode 2: After the Nightmare

I just want to be your friend. (♡)
I hate you.

Episode 3: Poison and Honey

I was looking for you, Natsume.
I’m exploring the rest of the campus. (♡)

Episode 4: A Toy

Could I come with you? (♡)
Thank you.

Episode 5: Blind Belief

I like you.
I hate you. (♡)

Episode 6: That Strange Feeling

I can’t today, I already have plans.
I don’t have any plans but… (♡)

Episode 7: Shackles of Love

Why are you angry now?
Would you like to come too? (♡)

Episode 8: Under the Bandage

Yes, I want to know. (♡)
No, I don’t want to know.

Episode 9: The Force of Order

Was the kiss also a lie? (♡)
Was that kindness a lie too?

Episode 10: A Song of Love

A faithful love song. (♡)
It’s a sad song.

Lovers part

Happy ending: Painting the Future
Bad ending: Reincarnation

Episode 1: Mermaids

I don’t want to be close to you.
Sure, we can be friends. (♡)

Episode 2: Disharmony

Agree (♡)

Episode 3: Mixed

Cover up
Tell him honestly (♡)

Episode 4: The Baby Cookie

Good then. (♡)
Don’t force it.

Episode 5: Mother

Read a picture book
Sing (♡)

Episode 6: Children

What was I like? (♡)
Was I super cute?

Episode 7: Day of the Dead

You better not dance with anyone else.
I don’t want to dance with anyone else. (♡)

Episode 8: Withering Flower

What happened to that flower?
What did you do with that medicine? (♡)

Episode 9: Betrayal

What are you doing here?
I knew you would be waiting. (♡)

Episode 10: A Waltz of Hope

I didn’t want to see you.
I wanted to see you. (♡)

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