Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- walkthrough: Nagi (CV: Horie Shun)

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Will you……keep me in your memories?

🦇 How to use this guide 🦇
To get the happy endings, select the choices marked with ♡, they will raise your affection level. For the normal and bad endings, choose the other options. The Lovers part only unlocks after getting the happy ending in the Romance part.

Romance part

Happy ending: Raison D’être
Normal ending: Being Worthy

Episode 1: Beyond Invisibility

Is that where you are, Nagi? (♡)
Woah, a ghost?!

Episode 2: Behind That Smile

I wanted to be with Nagi.
I’m interested in humans. (♡)

Episode 3: A Straw in the Wind

Touch Nagi’s head. (♡)
Touch Nagi’s cheek.

Episode 4: Rejection

(Nagi……!) (♡)

Episode 5: Knowing You’re There

Of course it is. (♡)
Maybe not

Episode 6: Cry of the Soul

Stroke his head
Embrace him (♡)

Episode 7: Uncharted Waters

I’m not. (♡)
Yes, I am.

Episode 8: Jealousy

I can’t be with you, Ray. (♡)
I wouldn’t mind being with you, Ray.

Episode 9: Confessions of Love

Of course (♡)
I’m not so sure……

Episode 10: True Colors

Grandma, you’re so cruel.
I would never do that (♡)

Lovers part

Happy ending: Tears Like Diamonds
Bad ending: Time and Time Again

Episode 1: Hanging Out

Let’s hide together
Let’s hide in different places (♡)

Episode 2: Hide and Seek

I slide my arm through his.
Grab his hand. (♡)

Episode 3: A Letter to the Future

Dive into bed
Just start with something (♡)

Episode 4: Troublemaker

Is he entering his belated rebellious phase!?
Is it because of the drink? (♡)

Episode 5: A Different Person

Wake Nagi up myself (♡)
Ask Shiba to wake him up

Episode 6: Who You Are Inside

I believe in you, Nagi. (♡)
I’m worried about you, Nagi.

Episode 7: Nightmares

Deny it. (♡)
Admit it.

Episode 8: The First and Final Order

I want you the way you are
That will make me sad (♡)

Episode 9: Bisque Doll

No (♡)

Episode 10: Oblivion

I love Nagi most (♡)
I love Hannah most

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