Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- walkthrough: Shiba (CV: Kondō Takashi)

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No. I’ve got to change. Otherwise I’ll be the embarrassment of my race!

🦇 How to use this guide 🦇
To get the happy endings, select the choices marked with ♡, they will raise your affection level. For the normal and bad endings, choose the other options. The Lovers part only unlocks after getting the happy ending in the Romance part.

Romance part

Happy ending: After Happily Ever After
Normal ending: Unaffected

Episode 1: Hunting Field

Shiba…you really are a nice person. (♡)
You think I’m pretty?

Episode 2: The Encounter

Pet its head (♡)
Pet its back

Episode 3: Suspicious Behaviour

I thought you might be lonely.
I wanted to see you. (♡)

Episode 4: A Day in the City

I do want power.
I want a cake rather than power. (♡)

Episode 5: Lovesickness

I don’t have anyone I love.
Who do you mean? (♡)

Episode 6: Sharing Secrets

You took my first kiss. (♡)
I’ll forgive you.

Episode 7: Hard Work and Devotion

Stop petting him
Keep petting him (♡)

Episode 8: A Change of Heart

I will.
I won’t. (♡)

Episode 9: Something There

Don’t you want me to stay this way?
Please don’t hate me in the future. (♡)

Episode 10: On the Edge

Go to the forest (♡)
Don’t go to the forest

Lovers part

Happy ending: A World Full of Love
Bad ending: After the Peaceful Slumber

Episode 1: Love Me Sweet

Then shouldn’t we study?
You want to play cards? (♡)

Episode 2: The Experiment

I will ask.
I won’t ask. (♡)

Episode 3: Following Your Instinct

Run away (♡)
Stay quiet and hope they ignore us.

Episode 4: Malfunction

Cover up
Tell her the truth. (♡)

Episode 5: The Tale of the Baby Squirrel

My chest (♡)
My back

Episode 6: A Place to Return to

He’s scared of water?
He can’t swim? (♡)

Episode 7: Dream and Reality

Tell him it’s okay
Tell him about the dream (♡)

Episode 8: Fake Love

What does it do? (♡)

Episode 9: The Principle of Sufficient Reason

I don’t care.
I’m sorry, I can’t. (♡)

Episode 10: A World I Dream Of

I hold him back.
I close my eyes. (♡)

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