Tengoku Struggle -strayside- walkthrough: JacK

Tengoku Struggle JacK banner

CV: Furukawa Makoto

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Those who fall can never escape…
…the eternal Danse Macabre of fire and blood.

To unlock: Clear Yona, Sharaku and Kikunosuke’s routes

Happy ending: Love Me, Too

ZERO • FIRST (common route)

(No choices in these chapters)

The common route can be skipped. To get to character route selection:

STAGE SELECT > FIRST-07 > Skip to next selection or unread text > JacK


01: The Man Who Yearns for the Well

Is there anything I can do?

02: Fake Plants

Cats also have their preferences
I don’t trust men

03: The True Face of the Red Spinner

I must be dreaming
Not at all

04: Heart-Pounding★Battle Royale at Hell Mansion

That’s a very antiquated sounding name
I want some tea

05: A Curse Named ‘Righteousness’

Do you really think so?
It’s fine

06: She is the Princess of Hell

I don’t have to be the one who watches over him
Does JacK want me to join you?

07: Tetsunojo, the Merciless

I have to get going soon

08: A Sweet Mochi Delivery

I would feel at ease if you were here
Why don’t you just move in?

09: Singing of Love


I also want to make things clear
Are you sure you’re not hiding something from me?

10: Give Me a Memory

(No choices in this chapter)

11: King Enma’s Judgement

(No choices in this chapter)

12: Kiss He Who Refuses to Die

(No choices in this chapter)

Bad ending: A Clumsy Love


I’m sure he’s our ally
Are you sure you’ll be alright?

10: Give Me a Memory

(No choices in this chapter)

⇒ This ending unlocks TETSUNOJO-EXTRA: The Kiss after 7,300 Days

JacK’s/Tetsunojo’s final CG can be found in HARI’S ARCHIVE > MEMORY > TETSUNOJO-02

Banner image: Tengoku Struggle -strayside- | IDEA FACTORY / DESIGN FACTORY

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