Charade Maniacs walkthrough: Keito Ebana

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CV: Maeno Tomoaki

You can find a complete list of Charade Maniacs walkthroughs here. It also includes general tips on how to approach this game and minimise spoilers, so I highly recommend you check it out 🐇

You’re too carefree. Are you dumb or something?

⚠️ Please scroll down little by little, to prevent reading spoilers.

Tip: If you have one of the following common saves, you can continue from there:


Ebana ending

Common route

Prologue – Rumors of an Urban Legend

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 1 – The Day It All Began

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 2 – Life in Arcadia

Go to the library.
Go to the park.
Return to the lodging.
Go elsewhere.
Go to the street with shops.
Go to the school.
Go to the other park.
End the exploration.

Go to the library.
What do you think, Chigasaki?
Go to the park.
Akase is easy to talk to…

Chapter 3 – Friendly Interactions

Go to living room.
Ebana, what subjects were you best at?
Exit the lodging.
Look at Chigasaki.

Chapter 4 – Warning, Please Continue

Cooking team.

Cooking team route

Chapter 5 – A World Full of Lies

Go to the park.

Chapter 6 – Border of Secrets and Lies

Rest, then leave.
Go to the yard.
Go to the living room.

Chapter 7 – Who Can You Trust?

Go to the kitchen.
Go to the hallway.
I’m fine with water. (Only appears after completing one of the cooking team routes)
Go to the library.
I want to go with Ebana.

Ebana route

Our Backs ■■■■■■■■

He was given the prosthetic after that?
Because you chose to come back yourself?
He’s doing it to cooperate with Ebana?
For gathering suspicion.

Our Backs Together

(No choices in this chapter)

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