London Detective Mysteria walkthrough: William H. Watson (CV: Shirai Yūsuke)

The concept of ‘ladies first’ is bred into our culture! You must always extend a kind hand towards women!

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character.

Destined end

Common route

Chapter 1: Whiteley in Wonderland

I’m all right.
…the second witness.
One. (Detective rank up)
Give it to the child.
I’d flee the country with him.
Watson! (♡ Watson)

Chapter 2: A Most Precarious Afternoon Tea

You ought to consider everyone’s feelings. (♡ Watson)
Right as rain!
Watson. (♡ Watson)
Go to sleep.

Chapter 3: The Very Peculiar Boy

I’m sorry for this morning.
It’s better to wait and see what happens. (♡ Watson)
It’s important to make friends.
Go to sleep.

Chapter 4: Jean Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

He’s only committing crimes to fight crime. (♡ Lupin)
The safe.
The window.
…open my eyes.
Go to sleep.

Chapter 5: The Falsehood of Herlock Holmes

The kitchen.
The study.
The stable.

Chapter 6: When East Comes West

He’s not someone I’ll get on well with.
Go to sleep.

Chapter 7: The Littlest Landlady

The results wouldn’t be very accurate that way! (Detective rank up)

Either choice:

  • Forgive me. It was never my intention to frighten you, young lady.
  • Umm… Are you all right?

The stolen plate is false. (Detective rank up)
Someone close to Hudson. (Detective rank up)
…Mr Curtis.
…Mrs Blois.
…Mrs Attlee.
Someone else.
Mr Howard. (Detective rank up)
Go to sleep.

Chapter 8: The Missing Man

I really shouldn’t.
I’d best let them go.
Classified documents on major crimes. (Detective rank up)
Watson’s. (♡ Watson)
In. (Detective rank up)

Chapter 9: A Gathering in Shambles

Gathering your classmates can be skipped if you have completed this section before:

…climb up the tree.
…watch what he’s doing.
…call out to her.
…play a practical joke on him?
…joined in on the fun?
…watch him sleep.
…simply tell him why I’m here?

…call out to him.

Either choice:

  • …the back alley.
  • …the slope.

Watson’s route

Chapter 10: Fog over Baker Street

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 11: Fog over the East End

[CREATE SAVE] Accept what he says. (♡ Watson)
I can’t do that! (♡ Watson)

Chapter 12: William H. Watson vs. Jack the Ripper

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 13: The First and Last of a Most Terrible Act

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 14: A Ring: A Promise

(No choices in this chapter)

Ill-fated end

Keep arguing.
I don’t know what to do.

Chapter 12: William H. Watson vs. Jack the Ripper

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 13: Wishes Become Prayers

(No choices in this chapter)

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