Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk walkthrough: Heroine (CV: Tamura Mutsumi)

❄️ To make sure you don’t run into issues getting certain endings, load a random save to access the Flowchart. Doing it from the Main Menu can cause some weirdness with choices being locked~ ❄️

Prerequisite: Lugus’ route cleared


[FLOWCHART > Chapter 8 *8]


Don’t kill him.



This was reality.


Don’t run away.


…won’t run.

MAP *8 (CHAPTER 9 *6)

Church: Episode “To the Church”
Tower: Episode “To the Tower”
He needs to be released from his sins.
Foggy Forest: Episode “To the Prison”
(Don’t kill him)
West Alley: Episode “To the West Alley”
Levi should be under the shining sun.
Square: Episode “To the Square”
You shouldn’t say that.
Snowdrop Field: Episode “Snowdrop Field”
(Believe in Lugus)
Square: Chapter 9 *7

(Unlike some of the other endings where you can skip most of these scenarios, it seems you can run into an issue getting the ending-specific option in chapter 9 *7 if you don’t go to most of these locations and pick the options above. Thanks @Xeta for the spot!)


I seek the light.

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  1. I can’t seem to get the heroine’s ending. I’ve cleared Lugus’ route and there is no ” I seek the light” choice in Chapter 9*7. I’ve also cleared the short episodes. :((((

    1. Hi! Sorry to hear that you’re having issues getting that ending 🙁

      I had a similar issue with another ending when I loaded the flowchart from the main menu, but when I did it from a save file the choice appeared. Not sure if it’s a similar problem with your choice.

      I could’ve sworn the only prerequisite was clearing Lugus’ ending before the heroine’s. Which other endings have you already cleared?

  2. Xeta says:

    I was having this issue as well and tried it on multiple saves and starting a new one as well. I completed every other ending before that one except for the traveller and witch endings. I didn’t completely follow every guide but ended up getting endings despite doing some choices a little different. So I hadn’t picked every choice yet.
    So this time I tried to follow this guide but I did pick “He needs to be released from his sins” as well, which I didn’t in any save before. Every other choice I had chosen before except for this one. After doing that the choice “I seek the light” appeared.
    So maybe after all, these non-highlighted choices are required as well? I don’t know if it has to be in the same save but maybe you have to choose it at least once to be able to get the Heroines ending? Maybe that’s the case for other endings too.

    1. Ooh that’s very interesting! Tbh, it’s been a while since I played the game so am not 100% what I did (as I mess around with options all the time), so it is likely that I had already selected some other options as well before to test.
      It could be that for some endings to unlock there’s more prerequisites in the scenarios you’ve seen. It kinda makes sense for the heroine ending I suppose.
      Thanks for the spot! I’ll update the guide to reflect 💜

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