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You can find a complete list of Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani walkthroughs here.

Okay. If there’s anything I still– Wait, if you think I have the aptitude for it, then I’ll accept your offer.

Note: To 100% clear the game you will have to choose every option in each route. To achieve this, you can go to the flowchart (or Chapter Select) and click on the squares that are still white in order to read any options you haven’t selected before.

Common route end

You can get this ending at any point, you might have already gotten it by accident if you played blind through the Common route, as I did. But the easiest way to get it is to go to:

Title > CHAPTER SELECT > Common Route > Chapter 3: Battle

You can skip the Map Select and start the Apprehension directly. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll end up on “Report to Semi”, which will lead you to the Common Route ending, and 100% clear of Chapter 3.

Finale end

Common route


(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 1

[Map] Makatsuhi | Apprehension

[Map Select 1] Nakakuni | Tokitsugu Semi

[Map Select 1] Nakakuni | Shu
Don’t talk to him

[Map Select 1] Makatsuhi | Akuroou
Why is this place like a maze?

[Map Select 1] Kikutsune | Shiratsuki
Did I do something wrong?

[Map Select 1] Amatsuna | Hira
I want to know more about Hira


[Map Select 2] Field of Autumn Leaves | Apprehension

[Map Select 3] Snow Field | Apprehension

[Map Select 4] Makatsuhi | Apprehension

Ask Chief Tokiwa a question


Chapter 2

Snuggle him

[Map Select 1] Kikutsune | Apprehension

[Map Select 2] Amatsuna | Apprehension

Check with Semi

Thank him

[Map Select 3] Kikutsune | Apprehension

[Map Select 4] Amatsuna | Apprehension

I’ll contact Semi

Chapter 3

[Map Select] Field of Autumn Leaves | Apprehension

Finale route

Chapter 4

Go to the Snow Field

Go on my rounds

Chapter 5

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 6

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 7

(No choices in this chapter)

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