Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds walkthrough: Chikage Kazama (CV: Tsuda Kenjirō)

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the mentioned character.
(Keep in mind that sometimes, in order to get to the chosen route, it’s necessary to make choices that result in the affection of characters other than the chosen guy go up.)


Chapter 1

Find a way to escape.
Ran for it. (♡ Hijikata)
Search the compound.
No, I can’t. (♡ Harada)
Quietly return to my room.
Accompany Hijikata as his page.
Explain the situation

Chapter 2

Leave and search for my father.
Scope things out.
Go upstairs.
… thank him. (♡ Kazama)
Were you a patient?
… want to come.
To Mount Ten’nou.
Stop Nagakura.
… Hold my place. (♡ Kazama)
I stepped out of line…

Chapter 3

Investigate Yagi house
Persuade him. (♡ Sanan)
Reached for my sword.
Draw the sword.
Yes, please.
It’s not any of my business.
Turning humans into Demons.
No, I’d rather not know.
I still have faith in them. (♡ Kazama)
The Furies.

Chapter 4

The soldiers.
Someone who knows Itou.
Do you really think so?
Talk to him. (♡ Kazama)
Go find the others.
I will take responsibility in my father’s place. (♡ Kazama)
Try to escape. (♡ Okita)
Decided to stay home. (♡ Saito)
I’ll stay here. (♡ Harada)

Chapter 5

You guys are the monsters.
The head of the Yukimura clan. (♡ Kazama)


Record of Service → Chapter 5: Story Chikage Kazama → Romance LOW

I might be a monster.
[CREATE SAVE 1] The head of the Yukimura clan. (♡ Kazama)


Kodo’s daughter.

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