Olympia Soirée walkthrough: Kuroba (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

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Where exactly are you going? It’d have to be a place packed to the rafters with men. Or, you could skip all that and go on a date with me.

Good end: Before Night Falls

To Drop a Handkerchief

…I’ll keep that in mind.


I was just about to drop it.
Teach me now, then.

Tokijikutan Ne

You shouldn’t say that.
I wish everyone chose life.

The Imprisoned Fish

Of course not.

Paper Roses

I’m very sorry, but…

Mint Orange Potion

I’ll trust the lore a bit longer.
What about the other girls?

The Man of My Life

Are you forgetting someone?

Sunlight and Darkness

I want to choose him.


I want to help however I can.
I am considering someone else.

Black and Yellow

It’s over now.

A Ruthless Decision

I want to be checked here.

I want to save him.


(No choices in this chapter)

From Night to Morning

(No choices in this chapter)

Colorful Friendship

(No choices in this chapter)

Bad end 1: Lingering Scent

I don’t want to save him.

Bad end 2: The Woman I Love

I’ll go to the hospital.
I want to save him.


(No choices in this chapter)

Kuroba’s final CG can be found in the “From Noon to Noon” Short Story.

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