Olympia Soirée walkthrough: Yosuga (CV: Uchida Yūma)

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My fair lady, might I tell you your love fortune?

Good end: Along the Shining Shores

How to Wind a Spring

If only they could have lived.
I won’t get in your way.

Red Blood

I need some time to think.
I understand how he feels.


Nothing really important.
Please don’t say that.

Beautifully Sinister

Let’s pray nothing happens.
He didn’t do anything wrong.

The Curse of Love

Yes, I’ve found someone.
Your room.

Yes, I would like some.

White and Purple

(No choices in this chapter)

Beautiful Handkerchief

I want to learn more.
I don’t agree with you.

Melancholy of the Purple

I want to deepen our love.
That sounds fun!
I’ll be sure to tell Yosuga.

Bathed in Lavender

You don’t like those in Yomi?


What happened just now?

I don’t think she is.

A Trade for the Future

(No choices in this chapter)

Purple Groom

(No choices in this chapter)

Bad end 1: The Moonlit Criminal

I should watch my weight.

White and Purple

(No choices in this chapter)

Beautiful Handkerchief

That’s so horrible.
Stop and think for a moment.

Melancholy of the Purple

I’m just gathering information.
I like reading books, too.
I plan on doing just that.

Bathed in Lavender

It’s none of your business.


I’m glad we’re in agreement.

Bad end 2: Queen Bee

Don’t misunderstand me.

Yosuga’s final CG can be found in the “Reward” Short Story.

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