Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly walkthroughs: guidelines and tips [Read this first!]

I-I can’t say much more or my master will get mad at me. S-Sorry.

Welcome to my Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly walkthroughs~ First of all, congratulations on picking up a copy of yet another incredible otome localisation!

Before you get sucked into this gem of a supernatural mystery tinged with romance, there are a few things to note prior to using my guides since I really struggled to come up with a format to post them. These tips and guidelines are very important, especially if you want to avoid spoilers, so please bear with me  (^人<)〜☆


I can’t emphasise the importance of play order enough in this game – unless you like spoilers hitting you left and right. Luckily, the game itself almost forces you to play in a specific order. That said, it’s not entirely impossible to diverge slightly from that fixed order, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Because of this, I strongly discourage you from “reading ahead” in my guides or opening up a walkthrough for the character you’re most interested in, especially so if you haven’t completed the main ending yet. I try to keep my walkthroughs spoiler-free, but sometimes it’s unavoidable when the dialogue choices and whatnot include potential spoilers.

My recommended play order is:

🦋 Common Route: Main/Best ending → Real World ending

🦋 Kagiha

🦋 Hikage (requires one character’s ending to be cleared)

🦋 Yamato (requires the Real World ending to be unlocked)

🦋 Monshiro (requires the Real World ending to be unlocked)

🦋 Karasuba (requires the Real World ending to be unlocked)

🦋 Summer Camp → Happy ending


The flowchart is your best friend if you want to reach all of the endings and watch every possible scenario unfold. It doesn’t include spoilers because it only reveals what you’ve already unlocked, but it eventually maps out the entire flow of the story and shows you where the important decisions happen that cause branching to different endings.

Because of this, I won’t use save points in my walkthroughs, but instead, you can follow along by loading any save file and accessing the flowchart from the menu, which lets you go to specific chapter sections.


Throughout the game, you’ll unlock various Short Episodes by reaching certain points in the story. Some of these are free to watch, but most of them require points to unlock. These points can be acquired by playing the Black Butterfly Hunt mini-game. You will be forced to play the mini-game during the story, but if you need more points you can access it from the main menu.

There are trophies related to the mini-game, which may seem hard at first, but each time you play it you’ll automatically get more points, bringing you closer to the S rank trophy, so don’t worry if your score doesn’t seem good at first!

OK, now you’re ready to get started! Prepare to enter Psychedelica… Enjoy your stay~

Banner image: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly | IDEA FACTORY / DESIGN FACTORY


  1. Ayumi-chan says:

    Thank you for the guide. This has been helpful.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

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