Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly walkthrough: Karasuba (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

You’re like an open book. Of course I’m going to make fun of you!

🦋 Important spoiler warning: Turn back now if you haven’t yet completed the common route’s Main/Best ending. Read these guidelines and tips first please! 🦋

Prerequisite: Real World ending unlocked


[FLOWCHART > Chapter 2: 2]

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 2

I’m afraid of knowing.

Chapter 3: 3

I wish this was all a dream… (Unlocks Short Episode: “Unattainable Girl” (0 pts))

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: 2

(No choices, but there’s a Butterfly Hunt mini-game in this section)

Chapter 4: 3

What’s his connection to Yamato…?

Chapter 4: 8

Turn away from it.

Chapter 4: 9

I don’t have to.

Chapter 4: 10-1

Take his hand.


[FLOWCHART > Chapter 4: 10-1]
Refuse his hand.

Chapter 5

(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: 3

I want to go now.

(You only get this choice once you’ve unlocked the Real World ending)

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: 1

A faint light.

(You only get this choice once you’ve unlocked Kagiha’s ending)

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  1. Hello, thank you for the walkthrough, it really helped a lot. But I seem to have a problem getting the rest of the endings. When I do as you say in Karasubas Walkthrough I just get Karasuba Ending and Best Ending, but not the Aki Ending…. the same with Yamato, I get the Yamato Ending and Best Ending. I followed your guide to the letter so maybe I forgot something? Can you give me a tip? Thanks in advance! Jay

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting the Aki and Takuya endings 🙁 I can’t off the top of my head think what could be causing this, as I didn’t have any issues getting those endings. Can I just ask a few things to check? Sorry if they’re dumb questions…

      – Are there any bits on the flowchart that look incomplete? You know how the chapter sections get a little pink symbol next to them to mark completion. If there’s any sections without that, it indicates you haven’t picked every choice there yet, which could cause issues with getting some endings.

      – Did you see all the choices in this Karasuba walkthrough? I know this is probably a dumb question, but just making sure you’ve already played through the Real World ending.

      – Have you read all Short Episodes that you’ve unlocked so far? I don’t think this matters, but I did read all the Short Episodes when they unlocked so I can’t know for sure if this could keep an ending locked.

      I’ll try to see if I can think of anything else that could be preventing you from reaching the ending! 🙂

      EDIT: I just thought of something else – how are you accessing the Flowchart? If you’re doing it via the main menu you might not get all the choices you’re expecting to see. But doing it via loading a random save and then navigating to the correct chapter section, might fix it!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you very much for your guide especially in the case of Akira. I went back and read through all short stories as suggested and finally got to read Aki story. Thanks again

    1. You’re very welcome! Glad the short story tip helped – I might add a note on the guides to point out it’s a common issue 🙂 Thanks for the feedback! ♡

  3. mikucchsn says:

    Hi, so I’m doing this (Karasuba’s route) first after the common route (best and real world ends done), but there is no option window in Chapter 4:3; the story just goes. The option opens in Chapter 4:8 T_T

    1. Ah sorry for my late reply, I’m travelling at the moment so didn’t notice your comments. I’m glad you’ve found the reason why this choice wasn’t showing up for you ☺️ My walkthroughs do sometimes assume you’ve been following the order (and using all of my guides), so I occasionally forget to put the same annotations in later guides. Thanks for pointing this out though, I might revise this walkthrough to add the notes too once I’m back home 🙂

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