Radiant Tale walkthrough: Zafora

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CV: Enoki Junya

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I don’t expect anything from you. You’re better off just looking after that incompetent lizard so that he doesn’t drag me down.

Happy end: When It Has All Settled Down

Common route

Prologue: The Day It All Began

[MAP] Castle
[MAP] Cheers
[MAP] Alley
[MAP] Plaza
[MAP] Main Streets

Chapter 1: Perhaps Forgotten, But Never Gone

[MAP] Sage Tower Entrance
“Be careful.”
Their deception of the Fey.
“I want an assistant.”

Chapter 2: Your Comrades Are Always There For You

[MAP] Underground Labyrinth
“There’s nothing I can do.”
“I trust you.”
Go with Zafora.

Chapter 3: May These Kind Voices Reach You

[MAP] Sightseeing Road
Be upfront about it.

Chapter 4: The “Strength” That I Believe In

[MAP] Inner Ring


Go all out.

Chapter 5: May Our Wishes Reach You

Accept graciously.
“You have to smile first.”
“I can’t choose.”
“Why aren’t you listening?”
Keep trying.

Zafora route

Chapter 6: The Newly Appointed Sentinel

“Make Colivus the star.”
[MAP] Meadow
[MAP] Cheers
[MAP] Liber
[MAP] Plaza
Wake him up.

Chapter 7: Crafting Bullets For Erase


“I’m in.”
Interrupt his work.

Chapter 8: His Oblivious Light Of Salvation

“I’m coming back anyway!”
“Did something happen?”

Chapter 9: The Message Of Our Show

“As the City of Harmony…”
“I don’t regret a thing!”

Normal end: Delivery Item: A Capable Secretary


“I’ll stay here.”
Feed him.

Chapter 8: His Oblivious Light Of Salvation

“You might be right…”
Lecture him about sleep.

Chapter 9: The Message Of Our Show

“For you craftsmen…”
Say nothing.

CG variation collection


Go easy on him.

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