BUSTAFELLOWS walkthrough: Scarecrow (CV: Shirai Yūsuke)

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Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character. I’ve marked when you’ll unlock Memorabilia, although you might already have some of them if this isn’t your first playthrough.

Good end

Common route


(No choices here—you can just start from Chapter 1 if this isn’t your first playthrough)

Chapter 1

About this city’s entertainment

[Memorabilia 003]

(Let this choice time out)
A hot dog place

[Memorabilia 006]

I thought you were handsome
Forget money, I want a scoop (♡ Mozu)

[Memorabilia 001]

Chapter 2

Just quit smoking
You’re sweet (♡ Scarecrow)

No (♡ Scarecrow)
No (♡ Limbo)
Yes (♡ Scarecrow)
No (♡ Helvetica)
Yes (♡ Shu)
Yes (♡ Scarecrow)
No (♡ Helvetica)
Yes (♡ Mozu)
Yes (♡ Limbo)
Yes (♡ Scarecrow)

The doctor that let him die
Let’s play for it
Stop it from spinning as I flick it with my index finger

[Memorabilia 007]

Chapter 3

I hope I can meet her
Thanks, but no thanks

[Memorabilia 015 & 010]

Chapter 4

(No choices in this chapter)

[Memorabilia 021 & 016]

Scarecrow route

SCARECROW side : A [“Sweet and low”]

Thank you (♡ Scarecrow)
Ask (♡ Scarecrow)
Come here (♡ Scarecrow)

Ask what the number means (♡ Scarecrow)

[Memorabilia 039]

SCARECROW side : B [“Boyfriend”]

(No choices here)

[Memorabilia 041]

Bad end

Stop Scarecrow

[Memorabilia 040]


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  1. KylieWey says:

    (little spoiler)

    I really, really liked your route, although I have the feeling it was a little short… Oh I think I said the same about the time of the routes on almost every other lol
    I liked how there was an almost balance here, they brought spotlights (even in small doses) for his past, his inner conflicts and for the romance.
    And omg the CGs are magnificent…
    The interactions between all the characters were delicious too, I felt that some were a little off on other routes, but here they really felt like a family.
    Oh Scarecrow really surprised me with his initiatives 😂

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