BUSTAFELLOWS walkthrough: Mozu (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

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Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character. I’ve marked when you’ll unlock Memorabilia, although you might already have some of them if this isn’t your first playthrough.

Good end

Common route


(No choices here—you can just start from Chapter 1 if this isn’t your first playthrough)

Chapter 1

About this city’s crimes

[Memorabilia 002]

It was a shoehorn
A sports bar

[Memorabilia 006]

I thought you were kind of annoying (♡ Shu)
Forget money, I want a scoop (♡ Mozu)

[Memorabilia 001]

Chapter 2

Just quit smoking
You all get along, huh?

Yes (♡ Limbo)
Yes (♡ Helvetica)
No (♡ Mozu)
Yes (♡ Mozu)
Yes (♡ Shu)
Yes (♡ Scarecrow)
Yes (♡ Mozu)
Yes (♡ Mozu)
Yes (♡ Limbo)
Yes (♡ Scarecrow)

(Let the next choice time out)

[Memorabilia 008]

Let’s play for it
Rub the coin’s outer rim with my index finger

[Memorabilia 009 & 007]

Chapter 3

I hope you find her soon
Thanks, but no thanks

[Memorabilia 014 & 010]

Chapter 4

(No choices in this chapter)

[Memorabilia 020 & 016]

Mozu route

MOZU side : A [“Even in death”]

I hope you find clues about Yuzu (♡ Mozu)
I can’t tell what it was thinking (♡ Mozu)
I don’t know (♡ Mozu)

You have to help Ivy! (♡ Mozu)

[Memorabilia 036]

MOZU side : B [“Your voice”]

(No choices here)

[Memorabilia 038]

Bad end

You have to help Professor Troy!

[Memorabilia 037]



  1. KylieWey says:

    This exceeded all my expectations.
    Your route was so intense and sweet somehow, I think if there were a few more hours of scenes, I wouldn’t be complaining.
    Mozu was… I don’t even know how to start describing, I think I’m still processing everything haha

    1. Hehe, Mozu is such a sweetheart. He has a very interesting way of looking at the world, and I feel him and Teuta connected on a deep and meaningful level. I wouldn’t have complained if there was a bit more romance, but in the circumstances of the story, I get why there wasn’t. He was my first route and still my favourite 💛

      1. KylieWey says:

        I found this connection between them so amazing, I felt it especially when she tried to explain something using scientific terms like he always does so he would understand
        I don’t know why, but I thought this scene was so wonderful

        1. Yes! That scene was very sweet and moving

  2. Instead of “I hope you find her soon”, it’s “I’d like to meet her” that will net you points with Mozu.

    That aside, thanks for the walkthroughs!! they’re so useful!

    1. Thanks for your message ☺️
      It’s been a while since I played it, but from memory, I thought that choice didn’t have any effect on your affection status regardless of which choice you made. I’ll double-check though and update if necessary! ♡

  3. Thanks for the walkthrough! I enjoyed this route more than I thought I would.

    1. Glad it helped ☺️ Always a pleasant surprise when you end up enjoying a route you weren’t sure about ♡

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