BUSTAFELLOWS walkthrough: Helvetica (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

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Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the specified character. I’ve marked when you’ll unlock Memorabilia, although you might already have some of them if this isn’t your first playthrough.

Good end

Common route


(No choices here—you can just start from Chapter 1 if this isn’t your first playthrough)

Chapter 1

About this city’s people

[Memorabilia 004]

It had multiple keys attached
(Let the next choice time out)
I thought you were handsome
Honestly, I need the money (♡ Helvetica)

[Memorabilia 001]

Chapter 2

Just quit smoking
You all get along, huh?

No (♡ Scarecrow)
Yes (♡ Helvetica)
No (♡ Mozu)
No (♡ Helvetica)
No (♡ Limbo)
No (♡ Shu)
No (♡ Helvetica)
No (♡ Shu)
No (♡ Helvetica)
Yes (♡ Scarecrow)

The boy that caused the incident
Give up and run out of the motel

[Memorabilia 007]

Chapter 3

I hope I can meet her
Thanks, but no thanks

[Memorabilia 013 & 010]

Chapter 4

(No choices in this chapter)

[Memorabilia 019 & 016]

Helvetica route

HELVETICA side : A [“Down the rabbit hole”]

Contact Shu
Ask (♡ Helvetica)
Call out to him (♡ Helvetica)
It’s fine, every now and then (♡ Helvetica)
Force my way in (♡ Helvetica)

[Memorabilia 034 & 032]

HELVETICA side : B [“mía”]

(No choices here)

[Memorabilia 035]

Bad end

Contact Limbo
Don’t ask
Leave him alone
This isn’t like you
Leave it to the others
(Put the wrong code in twice)

[Memorabilia 033]



  1. KylieWey says:

    (Maybe I should warn you that this comment contains some spoilers, however small, in case someone reads them before playing then… Spoilers!)

    I liked how his route addresses important issues such as self-knowledge, trauma and drugs.
    And the story was quite intense and interesting but… I don’t know, I think the fact that he was the main focus of the route (not that the others aren’t… 🤔) went well with the “theme” of the route, but still… T-T
    I missed romantic interactions between him and Teuta (although I understand there wasn’t much room for that in the situation) and CGs of the two together. Overall I liked it, but I feel like it could have been… more

    1. KylieWey says:

      Gods I didn’t fix the part in parentheses before sending T-T (english is not my native language so sometimes i get lazy and just throw things in google translate…)

    2. Thanks for marking your comment as a little bit spoiler-ish! I appreciate that, in case anyone hasn’t finished his route yet 😄 And don’t worry about your English, it makes total sense!

      Yeah, I understand what you mean. And while I didn’t dislike the themes in his route (because they were well done), his route didn’t do much for me. That said, I prefer characters like Helvetica as side characters, not love interests, anyway. But his route was a lot deeper (at least in terms of themes and struggles) than I thought it would be. It was a nice surprise to not have your typical playboy route. He’s much more complex than he seems at first glance. But yes, I agree, while understandable, there wasn’t a huge amount of romance. It could’ve easily been someone supporting their friend through a difficult time 🤔

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