Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds walkthrough: Hachiro Iba (CV: Miyano Mamoru)

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the mentioned character.
(Keep in mind that sometimes, in order to get to the chosen route, it’s necessary to make choices that result in the affection of characters other than the chosen guy go up.)


Chapter 1

Find a way to escape.
Stayed where I was. (♡ Okita)
Stay put.
Wow, I had no idea.
Quietly return to my room.
Accompany Hijikata as his page.
Apologize about Takeda (♡ Iba)

Chapter 2

Remain in the compound.
Why me?
I promise to give the message. (♡ Yamazaki)
Stay with Hijikata.
Sorry for not remembering. (♡ Iba)
… will stay behind.
Go to the common room.
Take a stroll. (♡ Iba)

Chapter 3

Investigate Yagi house
Scream. (♡ Okita)
Hide my hands. (♡ Iba)
Yes, please.
Call for someone. (♡ Iba)
It’s not any of my business.
My father. (♡ Heisuke)
Only if something were to happen… (♡ Iba)
The notice board.
Perplexed. (♡ Hijikata)
Reason to protect me…? (♡ Iba)

Chapter 4

The soldiers.
Someone high-ranking.
Take it back.
Go find the others.
You don’t even know anything.
Trust the Shinsengumi. (♡ Harada)
You have the Shinsegumi. (♡ Iba)
I’ll stay here. (♡ Harada)

Chapter 5

If those are the Commander’s orders… (♡ Iba)
I understand.
Okay. (♡ Iba)


Record of Service → Chapter 5: Story Hachiro Iba → Romance LOW

I don’t want to go.
I’ll fight by your side.
[CREATE SAVE 1] Okay. (♡ Iba)



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