Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds walkthrough: Hajime Saito (CV: Toriumi Kōsuke)

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the mentioned character.


Chapter 1

Attempt to explain my situation.
Decided to tell them why I’d come to Kyoto.  (♡ Saito)
Talk to someone.
I just can’t get myself to do it. (♡ Saito)
Quietly return to my room.
Go to Fushimi.
Are you sure? I would appreciate it.

Chapter 2

Remain in the compound.
Why me?
Yamazaki, you should go.
Head to the Ikeda Inn.
…follow Saito.
… want to come.
To Hamaguri Gate.
Trust Saito. (♡ Saito)
I think I understand. (♡ Saito)

Chapter 3

Return to my room.
Go to the inner courtyard.
Cried for backup.
Got it. (♡ Saito)
Yes, please.
I’m worried about Okita.
Go around. (♡ Saito)
The Furies.
Do you want to, um, play? (♡ Saito)

Chapter 4

The Guards.
Felt betrayed. (♡ Saito)
Go outside.
Stay quiet.
Sorry for making you worry. (♡ Saito)
Decided to stay home. (♡ Saito)
I want to help.
Trust Hijikata.
Stay and talk. (♡ Saito)

Chapter 5

Let’s retreat for now. (♡ Saito)
Will stop Saito. (♡ Saito)
I understand. (♡ Saito)


Record of Service → Chapter 5: Story Hajime Saito → Romance LOW

You could win Saito.
[CREATE SAVE 1] Will stop Saito. (♡ Saito)


Will go with Kazama.

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