Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds walkthrough: Keisuke Sanan (CV: Tobita Nobuo)

Note: ♡ indicates an increase in affection for the mentioned character.
(Keep in mind that sometimes, in order to get to the chosen route, it’s necessary to make choices that result in the affection of characters other than the chosen guy go up.)


Chapter 1

Find a way to escape.
Stayed where I was. (♡ Okita)
Stay put.
Wow, I had no idea.
Quietly return to my room.
Stay behind in the headquarters.

Chapter 2

Remain in the compound.
I’ll go. (♡ Sanan)
Yamazaki, you should go.
Stay with Hijikata.
… will stay behind.
Go to the common room.
I stepped out of line…

Chapter 3

Investigate Yagi house
Persuade him. (♡ Sanan)
Go back to headquarters.
Yeah, it is.
Yes, please.
It’s not any of my business.
Turning humans into Demons.
Yes, I do. (♡ Sanan)
Grab his hands. (♡ Sanan)
The Furies.

Chapter 4

The soldiers.
Someone who knows Itou.
Yes, I hope so as well. (♡ Sanan)
Stay in my room.
Run away from the room.
Fight Kazama.
Trust Sanan. (♡ Sanan)
I’m sure they understand
Still wanted to help.
I’ll do anything.
Remained here with Heisuke.
Will leave him in your hands. (♡ Sanan)
I will leave him to you. (♡ Sanan)
I’ll stay here. (♡ Harada)

Chapter 5

Do you really believe that it’ll get better? (♡ Sanan)
Asked for a reason. (♡ Sanan)


Record of Service → Chapter 5: Story Keisuke Sanan → Romance LOW

You’re fine, Okita.
[CREATE SAVE 1] Asked for a reason. (♡ Sanan)


Reproached him.

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