Winter’s Wish walkthrough: Ohtaro (CV: Saitō Sōma)

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Ahahaha! You got lost after chasing a pickpocket? You’re hilarious.

To unlock: Clear Tomonari’s affection ending

Fin: Affection

Common route


(No choices in this chapter)

Chapter One

Main Street
Theater House
Row house
Entertainment District

Entertainment District route

Chapter Two

Don’t take it
Tell him the truth
Chase away the volunteer police

Chapter Three

Lean away
Stop him by force

Ohtaro route

Chapter Four

They both became blightfall
(You can choose anyone here, but I recommend you pick them all once for fun!)
I don’t want you to regain it

Chapter Five

Because it’s a different tool

Chapter Six


Don’t tell him
I can’t do something like that
I don’t know

Chapter Seven


Don’t take his hand
Hug Ohtaro | Hit Ohtaro (both options raise affection, so pick whichever you feel like doing (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠))

Final Chapter

(No choices in this chapter)

Fin: Sorrow


Take his hand

Final Chapter

(No choices in this chapter)

Bad ending 1


Of course not
Tell him
…Of course
I was scared

Bad ending 2

Title > Retrace Footsteps > Ohtaro • Chapter Four > Affection: High or Low

The culprit has been killed (this choice only unlocks once you’ve cleared Ohtaro’s affection ending)

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